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Château Angélus

the partnership

After a fortuitous encounter in London with Hubert de Boüard (HdB) and the owner of Puy Redon, a friendship formed amid a shared passion for wine.

HdB and his family visited the home and from the first moment he saw Puy Redon, he absolutely knew he had to make Chardonnay at this site.

The uniqueness of the soils and situation of the vineyard provided such an excellent opportunity for the variety. The last remaining piece was to make the wine the land deserved.

the cellar

Puy Redon is made in the new high-tech cellars of Chateau de Boüard. There, the temperature controlled facilities, maintain the quality of the arriving fruit at all times.

The fruit is pressed 1 – 2 hours after picking and is kept at 4 degrees in inox vats for 8-12 days for the lees to settle.

Thereafter, the future Puy Redon, will spend 6-8 months in oak barrels (66% new – special Burgundy cooperag) to develop a perfect mix between elegance and freshness.